We are on mission to provide high quality, affordable Montessori Education to children in West Africa.


Through the Association Montessori International (AMI) accredited Montessori Courses and Montessori Schools our vision is to provide children in Africa with a strong education foundation to prepare them for life in an increasingly globalized world.  

Our focus is on education equity, providing access to high quality, holistic and scientifically proven education methods to all children regardless of their socio-economic status.  

We believe that Montessori education can equip the next generation of young Africans with the leadership; ethical skills; and sound academic knowledge they need to have a better future for themselves, their families and their respective countries .



MOntessori for all gambia

Creating awareness in the Gambia- A viewing of the Montessori film “Let the Child be the Guide” at Alliance Francaise de Banjul.

Present at the screening were University students, Parents, Teachers, Education policy makers and two Deputy Ministers from the Gambian government in a session with AMI Children’s House Auxiliary Trainer Nia Seale.

"When times are uncertain and we don’t know for which future we are preparing today’s children, the best we can do is to offer education that leads to creativity, resilience, moral strength, servant leadership, skill in conflict resolution and teamwork, respect for the views, rights, and freedoms of others, a long view of human history, and faith that human beings working together can create a just world. I know of no educational approach that does that better than Montessori. Most don’t even come close." John Snyder